Friday, June 17, 2011

Four days in Culebra Island

For our mini summer getaway we spent a few days in the small island of Culebra, east of Puerto Rico, with our good friends Scott, Kay, Ian and Vivian.

We took the ferry and brought our cars, with all the luggage and groceries inside, including Scott's kayak on the roof of their car.

We stayed at a nice hotel near Ensenada Fulladosa, each room had its own kitchen so it was very easy to prepare food for the kids and leave them watching movies while we went to the restaurant just steps away from our room.

We spent the days moving from one beach to another, visiting Punta Soldado, Zoni Beach, Flamenco Beach and Tamarindo Beach on the South. Except for a couple of showers one of the days, the weather was perfect to spend the days at the beach. We had a chance to snorkel and see all kind of wildlife such as green sea turtles, sting and manta rays, all sort of fish including a few barracudas and many corals. The Poe family used their kayak to explore away from the shore, even adventuring off to Cayo Luis Peña.

Overall we spent four great days with really good friends doing what we all like to do. Of course having four small children you are never free of unexpected incidents. That last day Claudia fell on the wet floor of our room and hit her chin opening a big gash that required eight stitches. On the positive side we now know where Culebra's CDT is.

You can see more pictures here.

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