Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saran wrapped

...that's right, completely wrapped...that's how the Seniors that just graduated this year left my room after the traditional "Senior Prank". Every year they try to outdo the previous class coming up with all these crazy ideas.

This year every teacher that was "pranked" got a different surprise: an entire classroom filled with writing desks with no space to even open the door, the traditional toilet paper on another, the English room with thousands on Post-its stick to the walls of the room and when the Senior advisor entered her room she found her entire class sitting down on their chairs, but this time the students were made out of cardboard and even wearing their Senior shirts (that was kind of nice).

Of course I literally had to unwrap my classroom that morning to be able to use it (as you can see on these pitures). Actually the rules are that the students cannot damage any school property and they are the ones responsible for cleaning everything up, if not they have to pay maintenance with their class funds. So I have several students that came with blades and help me out, it was fun.

Apparently the most famous or most remembered prank was many years ago when students released two pigs in one of the buildings. They marked the animals pig #2 and pig #3, so the administration spent the entire day looking for pig #1...and there was no pig #1!!! Now the pranks aren't that bad, actually the head on maintenance is the one that opens the door for them late at night and then he waits (and monitors) until they are finished.

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Tranka said...

It is a good thing that they didn't Saran-Wrap the toilet seats... or did they?