Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cabezas de San Juan

Our weekend continued with a trip to the natural reserve known as Las Cabezas de San Juan. Located at the most northeastern point of the island is a place where you can observe several life zones in a relatively small space. You can see a dry forest, mangrove forest, sandy and rocky beaches and coral reefs. The place is managed by the Conservation Trust (Fideicomiso de Conservación) a private entity that raises money to acquire and manage areas of important ecological value. Once they own the property, they develop educational and scientific projects and allow the community to benefit from it. Another place they manage is Hacienda Buena Vista in Ponce.

After making reservations a few days in advance we got there at a round 1:30pm, although the weather was not helping the tour started at 2pm. Actually the weather was perfect, being a dry forest usually temperature there soars near the 90’s, but being all cloudy the sun didn’t came out and the temperature was perfect. We boarded the trolleys for a tour that would last two hours. Two hours that we really enjoyed. The guide was really good, having study this ecosystems many times I made sure what he was saying was right (ahem, sorry ‘bout that). We walked over the wooden boardwalk over the bioluminescent lagoon seeing all the fiddler crabs, went to the rocky beach to see the skeletons of different species of corals and finished with a visit to the Fajardo lighthouse the second most old one after El Morro. Inside they had different exhibitions with living organisms that are found in the reserve and of course the beautiful view from the top of the building.

We really enjoyed the trip, the kids and Janice had a great time, we recommend this to anyone interested in the outdoors.

Here are some pictures. Posted by Picasa

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