Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good time

Last weekend we had the pleasure to receive our cousins from New York Carla and Andre. Carla is Janice's cousin and Andre is her better half. Andre surprised Carla with a weekend trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate (among other things) her b-day. Yes I say among other things because they were also celebrating their anniversary and the great news that their first child is on his/her way.

Here in PR they stayed in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Isla Verde. The night they arrived we took them to visit her "abuelita" who had no idea they were coming or that she was pregnant, you should have seen her face!!! Then we went to eat something. BTW that day I learned that at some point in history K-mart had sold "mofongo" in one of their stores!

On Sunday they invited us to the hotel pool. You can imagine, Edu and Claudia had soooo much fun. A couple of hours in one of the nicest hotels on the island, a huge pool and a friendly iguana made the day for all. Then after that a nice dose of "grasa", eating "frituras" in Piñones.Posted by Picasa

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