Saturday, September 30, 2006

Una gran pérdida

Luego de casi un mes sin publicar en mi Blog, me da mucha pena tener que comenzar publicando una noticia triste como ésta.

El pasado fin de semana la maestra a quién yo sustituí en el colegio murió. Fue una sorpresa porque no pensé que fuera a pasar tan rápido. Ella fue diagnosticada con Parkinson's y se vio obligada a retirarse. Pero según los detalles que me dio una amiga, al parecer fue una condición diferente ya que progresó mucho mas rápido. El asunto es que no se pudo hacer un diagnóstico correcto y por complicaciones de infecciones su cuerpo no pudo resistir.

Compartí mucho con ella cuando fui asistente de laboratorio en el colegio y fue ella quién me ayudo mucho a hacer la transición a maestro al ella retirarse, algo que jamás había estado en mis planes profesionales.

Aquí un breve escrito que le hice llegar a mis compañeros de trabajo sobre mi amiga. Reemplacé su nombre aquí en el Blog con "my friend" por respeto.

If you allow me to say some things about my friend.

I have to thank many people for the support I have received since I started teaching at SJS, my friend is one of them. Back in 2000 when my friend moved from MS to teach HS biology my desk was (and still is) in her room. Whenever I was seating there waiting to set up a lab activity, I would hear her teach her classes, deal with the students and some times with parents. I thought to myself, I will never be able to do that. But after years of listening to her, talking to her and hearing her advice, the day came when she had to pass the baton (pasar la batuta) after being diagnosed with Parkinson's. I still remember the day when we said goodbye, she said she'll be back to get some things she left in her desk...she never did. She once confessed me she didn't want the kids and co-workers to see her because all the physical changes her body was experiencing. She was an excellent mentor to me, a confidant; many times I told her how scared I was of becoming a teacher at an English speaking school but she said, don’t worry you’ll be fine. Her passion for teaching and for the Sciences was immense. The way she cared and loved the kids was special, and I thank her for letting me see all that.

When I read Luis’ email today and after Ceci’s call I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This past Saturday I spent a couple of hours in school making some room in my file cabinet for papers I had graded and I found some of my friend's old tests, I thought I should call her, that’s why I was so devastated today when I heard the news.

Today while listening to her daughter during the funeral service I felt kind of happy and proud of my friend. Her daughter told the audience that one of my friend's last wishes was for her tissues to be donated to investigate more about that awful disease that took our friend, that was the kind of person and teacher my friend was. Even after leaving us she still cares about others.

Rest in peace my friend.

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